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5K time: 30:38

So I’ve been running pretty much every other day since I’ve come home from school in May, and found this cool and convenient place where I can run! I mapped it on google and found out that it was around 2.5 miles, so I normally will do that at around ten minutes and then sometimes do another mile if I’m feeling up to it.¬†

BUT I recently got an iphone and of course one of the first things I downloaded was the nike run app (I highly recommend it), and went on my first run with it! Turns out, I’ve been running a 5K (3.11 miles) this entire summer without realizing it, and have been running faster than I thought!

I’m so happy right now and can’t wait to run with it at school!

In other news I came home from my run and made a salad with avacado, cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce with an olive oil, lemon, rosemary dressing¬†and it’s SO good. I’ll be posting many more work outs and recipes tonight as I watch old rugby games, so keep refreshing your dashboards :)

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